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Welcome to and thank you for visiting. We are a family business promoting unification and culture of the African Diaspora. Based in our hometowns Seattle Washington and Montego Bay Jamaica with services that incude:

- African Diaspora Education and Culture display

-Wholesale and Retail Marketplace

-Guest Rental House in Montego Bay Jamaica

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Forward Movements

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Wear Your Culture


Wave Your Flag


Wave your flag and represent your nation with love and pride! We carry nation flags in rag size, on patches to put wherever you choose and boxing glove to hang in your rear view mirror. And of course our 3by5 feet flag to wave proudly from your flag pole or hanging on your living room wall. Please message us if you don't see your flag posted.  

Nation Flags

As described above our nation flags are official flag pole size, very durable and low priced. Represent where you're from! 

Nation flag Boxing glove

Something to style your rearview mirror. Our boxing gloves come in pairs and are currently available in some Caribbean countries. 

One Love Dolls

Our One Love Dolls represent the beauty in all people. They were created to teach love and give little black boys and girls representation. Handmade in Jamaica, our dolls come with genuine Nigerian fabric. Our top favorite is the Harriet Tubman doll.

Nia Onelove made me the freshest Bob Marley Jacket!


I love my new dresses and jewelry. Can't wait to shop again!


The African Diaspora Museum was engaging. And the Marketplace was beautiful. A place where you can learn and shop, now that's real!

Ms. Marshall

Thank you for our face masks. The kids love them!


Custom One Love Jackets

Mexico Patches

Patch Queen - Over 100 different patches in stock